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Testimonials Polar Frost
Is Polar Frost for sale in Ireland anymore? I have injuries as a result of a car crash and Polar Frost is the only pain gel on the market I have tried that works for me. it really has made my life easier. Caroline from Ireland
I did not work for me at all, sorry. I tried all those cold gels and there was non that solved my pain. It was nice that you send me the Polar Heat to try, that was working better for me.Gerbrand from Germany
Thank you so much for sending me the Polar Frost along with the free samples. It is the best pain relieving gel I’ve ever used!”A Valued Customer from Michigan
It really is great stuff, I have even used it on my horse! I like that it is natural and not tested on animals.
Regards from Ireland
Your Polar Frost has been an enormous help to me this summer. My hand was broken in a horrible accident and when the plaster cast was removed it was incredible painful. Thanks to Polar Frost it killed the pain and reduced the swelling so I was able to do the physio. Thank you so much.Rebecca from England
I did not believed it, this gel made me so much better. I can do more than ever before and without pain! I heard that you can use it on horses and believe it or not, he was smiling at me.
I will buy a big bottle next time of this amazing product for both of us!Erik from Sweden
I received the package and I would like to thank you for the very generous amount of Polar Frost that you sent me. I was like a child at Christmas! You have an amazing product and amazing customer service. I have told so many people about it I will continue to do so. I will tell the chemist where to buy it and that it will be available in the future. It has improved my quality of life as I know as soon as I need it that it will work.Clancy from Ireland
I have experienced pains in my neck and back from being on my feet all my career. Since using Polar Frost my quality of life has improved. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.Will from Arkansas