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Niva Medical Oy manufacturers the line of Polar Frost Pain Relieving Gel, Polar Heat, Polar Band, Polar Tens, Polar Electrodes and the Polar FacePillow.


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Niva Medical Oy offers you a very wide range of products for physical therapy, rehabilitation and the wellness field. We have been providing the health care industry with products unsurpassed in quality, function and durability. All the products have been unique and innovative and continue to be industry leaders all around the world. We represent the following brands:
>Mettler Electronics
>Whitehall Manufacturing
>Bovie Medical
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Niva Medical

Quality and Safe products

Niva Medical Oy manufacturers the line of Polar Products: Polar Frost Pain Relieving Gel, sold worldwide in 45 countries. Polar Frost carries CE, and several other registrations, including TGA for Australia. Our products: Polar Band Exercise Band, well-known and widely used by professionals in physical therapy and wellness. Polar Tens with his unique patient guide. Polar Electrodes, re-usable and adhesive electrodes, used with any type of electrotherapy devices. Polar Pillow, the solution for face protection on treatment tables.

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