Polar Bands

Polar Band for therapeutic or fitness exercises.
Resistance levels are determined by thickness of the band. Available in 5 levels.

Assortment Polar bands and tubes

Therapeutic Exercise Band

Polar Bands and tubes provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improves strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Polar Band Exercise bands can be used in physical therapy clinics, hospitals, home health care and the fitness field. Lots of excersizes can be made with resistance bands and tubes. You don’t need expensive equipment to train your body or to do excersizes in your rehabilitation. One peace of polar band or tube can replace the equipment you are using, and it can be done just any ware.

Polar Band Latex is available in:
1,5 m, packed in plastic sell-bags
5,5 m and 45,7 m in rolls packed in boxes.

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Three girls training with Polar Bands


• Each Polar Band Exercise Band has a printing on the band www.polarband.com
• Developed for all Progressive Resistance Exercise applications including those for aging adults
• Precision engineered for consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance levels
• Basically powder and odor free
• Available in 5 different basic colors/resistance levels
• Available in 45,7 m (50 yd), 5,5 m (6 yd) rolls and 1,5 m precut packages
• Durable, lightweight and compact
• Bright attractive finish and colors.
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