Polar Electrodes

Polar Neurostimulation Electrodes are used with neurostimulation devices to reduce pain with a minor electric signal true the body, called TENS.

Polar neurostimulation electrodes

Polar Neurostimulation Electrodes

Polar Neurostimulation Electrodes are used with neurostimulation devices, the electrodes have to used in pairs. The electrodes are placed on the body; a minor electric signal will send true the body and reduce nerve signals between the electrodes. This method is used for TENS and muscles-stimulations. Polar self-adhesive carbon film neurostimulation electrodes feature soft rubber lead wire attachments that make it easy to attach them to the electrode lead wires. A long lasting gel provides strong adhesion to the skin. Polar Trodes come in four convenient sizes.

Polar Electrodes are re-usable, adhesive line of electrodes, used with any type of electrotherapy devices. For longer lasting of the electrodes make sure that the skin is clean and free from any oil or cosmetics.
Each package has 2 pair’s electrodes, 4 in total. Sizes: 3cm round, 5cm square, 5x9cm rectangle.
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Woman with polar neurostimulation electrodes on het body

Questions about electrodes

We are often asked about the on/off performance of our electrodes. The answer is very simple: the durability of our electrodes depends entirely on the application, storage, humidity and care on the part of the user.

Application: Before each electrode application, skin must be cleaned with water and soap to remove any lotions, skin oils, make-up and dead skin. Any debris on the skin will be transferred to the gel of the electrode thereby compromising the integrity of the gel’s adhesiveness. Therefore, a clean surface is the most important factor in the number of applications for an electrode.

Storage: after every use the electrode must be returned to the “ON” side of the Mylar liner, and placed in the original, re-sealable package to prevent loss of moisture. The electrodes should be stored at a temperature that would be comfortable for a human being, or somewhere between 41.0° and 80.6° F. with humidity at 35-50%.

Take care of your electrodes

Do not: store in freezer/refrigerator, leave in extreme heat, submerges in water, or leave outside of the package. Care: After usage, if the electrode picks up small amounts of debris you may use a drop of water on your finger to gently rub the debris off the electrode. Most important to the care of the electrode is applying it to a clean surface with each use. DO NOT: Use soap, alcohol, submerge in water, or scrub with abrasive material. The number of applications depends entirely on the proper application, storage and care by the user. The durability of the electrodes depends on the adhesiveness of the gel and its adhesiveness depends on keeping the gel clean, hydrated and free from foreign debris. (Notes Axelgaard).

Note Nivamedical:
If the adhesive of the electrodes is getting less, wet the adhesion-side with a drop of water and put it in the cooler for an our or two.

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