Airex Coronella, 60x185x1,5cm (Red)


The popular all-round mat for gymnastics, Pilates, group fitness and training at home. The Coronella combines ultimate comfort with the best functionality and durability.


While it was not the first mat AIREX® brought to market, the Coronella along with the Corona is the epitome of the AIREX gymnastics mats today. Millions have been sold since the market launch in the year 1960. Developed in cooperation with athletes and therapists, it continues to meet their requirements and is the number one choice for equipping top-notch fitness studios, personal trainers, sports associations, clubs in the German football league and Pilates studios. The Coronella is also becoming more and more popular for training at home. Swiss quality speaks for itself. With proper care, the Coronella forms a reliable basis for your training over the course of a lifetime.