The Water Pillow by Mediflow


The completely adjustable Water Pillow is clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep. Simply adjust the firmness of your pillow by adding (or removing) an amount water that provides the perfect level of support for you (soft, medium or firm). You won’t wake up multiple times every night to fluff and re-stuff your pillow because the waterbase maintains the support by adjusting to your head motions.



Made with a fully sealed and insulated water pouch with resilient Dacron Hollofil fiber layer on top, encased in a 100% cotton shell.


Jumbo size: 50.5 cm x 71 cm (20’”x 28”)

Fits a standard or a queen pillowcase

Weight: 0.9 kg (2 lbs.)

200 thread count cotton shell


Machine wash and dry

Pillow Protectors in value pack are non-refundable